Plenty of Changes To Wrap Up The Year

This year, we at Alabama Weather Prediction have made quite a few changes. From changing hosts, changing providers, to finally coming to a steady halt with WordPress at GoDaddy. We’re finally at a spot where we can sit back and work with what we have. I do believe that WordPress is the best course of action for both the Team and our followers.
Before heading to the changes, as of right now I do not currently plan on making any more notable changes to the website this year. I have a primary job that demands a lot of attention this year and I also have to make sure to stay focused on the rapidly approaching Christmas day.
These changes have taken place over the past month or so, they are just now getting finished and no other changes are currently planned.
In Case You Missed It, Discord is now our primary source for communication, and it is now reflected on all pages. It may be a little strange to use a gaming platform for communication, but it is the simplest solution for what we need.
Website Changes Throughout
After receiving much-needed feedback from family and friends, it was brought to my attention that the text on the website was very difficult to read. After considering what to do, my simple solution was to simply make the text bigger and darker, and it has been changed accordingly especially on the front page.
Speaking of the Front Page
A few new things have been added, such as a Weather Underground widget for the conditions at Huntsville and Birmingham. After all, it’s great to see this without having to go someplace else. The Weather Underground widget is currently set to only display on the front page.
The Severe Mode Status image has also been moved to the very top left corner so it is the first thing seen and to be made aware of. Clicking on the image takes you to the Severe page where everything is explained.
A new widget has been added to the right side that displays our most recent posts. This is better than an automated Twitter widget showing. If you want to follow us on Twitter all you need to do is click the Twitter icon both on the top and bottom of every page.
Our Team now shows on the front page. To better introduce ourselves, the Team Builder table has been put on the front page so the Internet world can know a little bit about us.
The Coverage page now shows on the front page as well. This way visitors won’t need to navigate away from the first page they see to know exactly which area we focus on covering.
Hazards Page Changes
The Hazards page, which has a real-time updating image of hazards around the region has been set to update every 30 seconds. Now you can browse around and come back to a up-to-date image instead of having to refresh manually.
The layout on the Hazards page has also been changed so you can focus more on the image. The sidebars have been removed and the images have been made bigger. This especially looks good on mobile devices.
Outlook Page Changes
The biggest thing to note on this page is that “Hazards Index” tables are now completed. Scrolling to the bottom of the page will display a spoiler where the tables can be expanded and collapsed. The tables explain what each number is for on each hazard.
Application Page Changes
The Application page has been completely revamped. All of the expectations, rules and regulations now show on this page along with a new application form.

We all hope you enjoy these changes and hope you have safe and happy Holidays. We thank you for making us one of your sources for severe weather!