Slack Information

Our Slack Team serves as a wonderful central location for everything we do, such as retrieve information from NWS and SPC, as well as our social media updates. Projects we are working on are also displayed on our Slack Team.

Zello Information

Communicate in walkie-talkie fashion over any data or wi-fi plan with Zello for free. Alabama Weather Prediction does not have their own Zello channel, however North Alabama Skywarn (NALSW) is full of chasers and spotters that both spot the radar and spot the field when severe weather threatens. Simply use a QR scanner to open the link on your computer or smartphone to get set up!

Getting Started With Slack

Upon joining our Slack Team, it is highly recommended to retrieve the Windows 10 or desktop app to ensure you are always receiving the updates. Alternatively, you can sign in on the web and receive notifications this way.

Joining Channels

Channels can only be joined by invite. In most cases as soon as a channel is created all Team members are already invited so they will be in the channel. Members are able to leave a channel if they do not wish to receive updates for a specific channel.

Changing Channel Settings

All users can change individual settings for a channel, such as turning off notifications or altering when to receive them. All you have to do is clear the gear icon when in the channel:



Ask For Assistance

Everything else about Slack should be self-explanatory. Should you require more assistance you can always ask for further assistance from any of our Team members. We're happy to help.

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