Discord Server In Action

Organized text and voice channels

Stay updated with Team/NWS updates from Twitter

Keep up with our Trello updates


Notifications sent only when needed


Automated channel for new website posts


Fully customizable!

Discord offers a way to customize your experience by changing things to the way you like them. The user settings allow you to change when and how you receive notifications.

Introduction To Discord

Discord serves as our primary source for communication between both our followers and our Team. We have chosen Discord because it gives us the following functions:

  • Automated feeds from the National Weather Service
  • Automated channels from NWS Twitter accounts
  • Automated channels from our Team
  • Ability to notify users based on the importance of our messages
  • Voice chat capabilities

Common Discord Questions

  • How do I connect to the Discord server?

On the top right of each page near the AWP banner, there is a Discord widget indicating how many users are online along with a Join Server button. Click to join.

  • Do I need to pay to use Discord?


  • Do I need to register anywhere to connect?

Yes, a Discord account is required to connect to our Discord server.

  • Are there any applications that I can use for Discord?

You can use Discord from the web with no application requires, however, Discord offers apps for Windows, Mac, Linux, along with Android and iOS apps which you can obtain from here https://discordapp.com/download


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