Live Updates From Alabama Weather Prediction
Live updates will appear in real-time here from Alabama Weather Prediction. Updates will be provided to warn of an impending weather event and when the event has ended. For example, the Team may warn you of a potential severe weather event up to 2 days beforehand, and then we will let you know when the threat has passed. After the threat has passed for 24 hours, all of the news from the event will be deleted. The Team refrains from posting other announcements on here, as that is the purpose of our Trello board. This service will strictly be used for weather updates only. Included here are the latest hazard map and our official alerts and Team Twitter accounts. Our Alerts Twitter account is automated and serves as a reference point to where alerts are being issued. Please note, that map here will not refresh automatically like on the Hazards Page, as this would disrupt the feel of the Live widget.

Follow Us On Pushbullet

In addition to providing live severe weather updates, we can send push notifications to your Windows, Android or iOS device thanks to the Pushbullet service. Give us a follow below (don't worry, we will not post every single Warning that is being issued out - only periodic updates!)

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