Social Media Dashboard
This is your all-in-one webpage to keep up with our social media accounts. Our primary social media method is Twitter, but we will also reach out via other methods based on user preferences.


Why Twitter?
Facebook Page
Discord - Primary Method For Communication
We use Twitter because of the algorythm the network uses. Tweets appear in chrnological order based on the time they were sent.
Recently the decision was made to return to Facebook in hopes to expand our audience a little more and interact with more people. However, no automated alerts will appear on the Page, only information that we deem not "critical to know in a timely manner".
We use Discord as our primary way to communicate both to our Team members and our followers forĀ  many reasons. The biggest reason being it is free, and looks to always be that way. There is a lot of powerful automation on Discord, so we take advantage of this by bringing in automated RSS updates from NWS and SPC. We also integrate our social media accounts on here so users can keep up with what's going on. There's also voice chat, so we can actually "speak out". Joining is easy. Click the Discord icon on the top left of the website, or scroll down to where you see the users online on the server, and click the Connect button.
Like and Follow Our Official Accounts

We have a Facebook Page that you can follow and even message to keep up with the latest updates both from our Team and our website. Our Twitter account serves the same purpose.

Follow our Twitter Accounts
All of our Team Members' Twitter accounts are listed below. User interaction is very welcome, so give us a follow and shout-out any time!

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