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Introduction to Alabama Weather Prediction

We strive to be your number one source for severe weather by bringing everything together into one central location. Our navigation below should help you find what you are looking for on this page and throughout our website. The red buttons below indicate a link to a separate page, while blue is on this page.
Social Media Communication
Our Team strives to communicate with our fans and followers through the most popular social media platforms. Twitter is our primary, as it gives real-time updates in chronological order. All of our updates can also be found on our Discord server.

Alabama Weather Prediction Outlook

Our Outlook is the simple way that we let you know of potentially hazardous weather for the area. Our current Outlook table is listed below, more specifics on our Outlook can be found by going to our Outlook Page.

Outlook Table

No hazardous weather is expected from November 23rd through 30th.

Live Updates From Alabama Weather Prediction
When severe weather is imminent or occurring, Alabama Weather Prediction wants to be the first to let you know. From here you can easily follow our live updates. The circling updating icon indicates that we are actively providing updates. Note that after 48 hours of an event we will delete all messages to prevent confusion. Please note that it is normal for event to appear blank if no event is occurring.

Hazards Map
The map of Hazards for Alabama is generated by a program called Weather Message which grabs data directly from NWS servers. The map itself updates in real-time, however the image itself will not.

Alabama Outlook

The latest outlook from the Storm Prediction Center out of Norman, Oklahoma. For a more detailed look at what the Outlook and categories mean please refer to the SPC's website.
Your Local Forecast
The latest forecasts straight from the National Weather Service Offices in Huntsville and Birmingham, AL. You can also enter in your local ZIP code or location for the official forecast for your area no matter where you live!

NWS Hazardous Weather Outlooks
The latest Hazardous Weather Outlooks from the National Weather Service Offices in Huntsville and Birmingham, AL. HWOs are products issued on a daily basis by the NWS to give the latest information to the public on potential hazardous weather.


Regional Radar

KHTX Hytop, AL (NE AL)

KBMX Birmingham, AL (Central AL)

KGWX Columbus AFB, MS (NE MS)

KDGX Jackson, MS (Central MS)

KOHX Nashvile, TN (Middle TN)

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