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Updates from Alabama Weather Prediction Team members. You can also open this page separately. It's mobile friendly! When the spinning Updating icon is present, we are actively providing updates.

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Alabama Outlook


Welcome to Alabama Weather Prediction! We have one goal: to be your one-stop source when severe weather threatens. We are focused on covering north and central Alabama with 5 different weather enthusiasts.


We are not the Weather Service, and we do not issue our own products. We only bring the information to you in a simple, centralized manner. All information on this website is provided by a member of Alabama Weather Prediction. All external information will take you to the appropriate website.


We have 5 different members of our Team that are assigned different areas of the state. An image of the specific areas that our members cover is shown below. More specific details can also be found on our Coverage page.


We strive to create with all of our fans and followers on the most popular social media platforms, with Twitter being our primary focus. All of our information is brought into one central location on our Slack Team, which you can become a member of by simply going to our Chat page.


Our Outlook is the simple way that we let you know of potentially hazardous weather for the area. Our current Outlook table is listed below, more specifics on our Outlook can be found by going to our Outlook Page.

Outlook Table

No hazardous weather is expected from May 28 through June 4.

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