We are not the Weather Service, nor are we officially affiliated with it in any way. While we do reach out to local Weather Forecast Offices (WFOs), this does not mean we are officially affiliated with them. We do not issue Warnings, Watches, or anything else - we merely relay them to our social media networks or our documents so our fans and followers can see them. The only item throughout this website that is "officially" ours is the Outlook that we create based on Storm Prediction Center outlooks, Forecast Discussions and Hazardous Weather Outlooks of local WFO's.


Our information is distriputed across multiple social media methods. All of these methods are located at the top of the page, clicking the images will take you to the desired group, such as our Zello channel and our GroupMe public channel.

Our Weather Message Server will keep our Hazards Page updated in real-time along with our Twitter account posting real-time hazardous Watches and Warnings for our coverage area. 

Our Pushbullet Channel allows you to receive notifications that we send across your PC, Mac, iPhone  or Android device. 

Our Outlook is updated primarily once a day by either one or multiple Forecasters. Our Forecasters excel at wording in a way that our fans and followers can understand. We break down information provided by the National Weather Service and the Storm Prediction Center into a Technical Discussion as well, for those that are weather savvy. 

receiving our information

We have 3 Team members responsible for a certain portion of the coverage area. Our coverage are is primarily north Alabama, followed by central Alabama, then the bordering counties in southern-middle Tennessee, then the bordering counties in northeast and east-central Mississippi. More information can be found by going to the About Us page. 


We are the Alabama Weather Prediction Team, a group of 3 SKYWARN certified Storm Spotters looking to be one of your sources for severe weather across north and central Alabama. Our goal is to deliver you important weather information to our fans and followers.


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